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Engage Pickleball: Top Notch Paddles Manufactured in the USA

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

We know you can’t get enough pickleball! That’s why Game-Set-Match, Inc. is committed to continually expanding our pickleball product lineup. Last month we added ProKennex paddles to our stores, and now we’re bringing you premium pickleball paddles by Engage.

3 Game Set Match employees holding Engage pickleball paddles and smiling in store

If you’re not familiar with Engage paddles, they’re used by some of the best players and instructors in the game, like Marcin Rozpedski and Gigi LeMaster. Pick one up and you might soon be playing like the pros too! Manufactured entirely in the U.S., Engage takes tremendous pride in the quality and workmanship of their paddles. The ingenuity and creativity Engage engineers pack into their paddles gives players a distinct advantage over opponents with inferior paddles. These are just a few of the many reasons their paddles are reputed to be among the highest quality and best-performing pickleball paddles in the game. Game-Set-Match, Inc. currently carries four models of Engage paddles as well as a selection of ‘blemish’ paddles available at discounted prices due to minor cosmetic imperfections. Among the standard paddles, we have the Engage Encore EX and MX, Engage Pursuit EX and MX, and Engage Trident. Engage Encore EX & Encore MX Both the Encore EX and MX are part of Engage’s “Thick Core” paddle lineup. In comparison to standard paddles, the thick paddle core creates more control and a softer feel on contact. Fun fact: the Engage Encore EX and MX paddles are reputed to be the only thick core paddles on the market with power AND a large sweet spot! The Encore EX is Pickleball Hall of Famer Gigi LeMaster’s paddle of choice. This paddle is the industry standard shape with 16” x 8” dimensions to give you the perfect balance of reach, power and control. At 16.5” x 7.5”, the MX is a great choice for new players seeking a little added reach combined with power and spin. Both the Encore EX and MX feature a ControlPro Polymer Core (with vibration control technology), FiberTEK spin (for maximum forgiveness and spin), and Engage’s Core & Skin Dimensioning (to optimize power and sweet spot). Both paddles retail for $154.99. Engage Pursuit EX & Pursuit MX The Pursuit is Engage’s flagship paddle. What sets this paddle apart is rather than having a textured skin overlay on the face, the rough paddle surface is the actual skin – making the texture last longer. This rough surface effectively enhances friction to keep the ball on the paddle longer. The Pursuit features Engage’s ‘black’ core, which was developed to be the softest core on the market. While the Pursuit EX measures 16" x 8", the Pursuit MX measures 16.5" x 7.5" for added reach. Both models retail for $199.99. Engage Trident Value-minded shoppers will want to consider the Engage Trident. This is an extremely solid feeling paddle with a larger sweet spot than many other paddles. It features Engage’s GripTEK skin for ultimate feel, control, ball placement and spin. In fact, the Trident’s paddle face hits the USAPA’s limits on roughness! This paddle is 15.5” x 8.5” and comes with a wallet-friendly $99.99 price tag. Engage ‘Blemish’ Paddles If you’re looking to save even more money on a great paddle, check out our selection of Engage 'blemish' paddles. These paddles have the same performance and warranty as the standard paddles, but come with a sweet $30 discount. If you look closely (and we mean real closely), you can find a slight cosmetic imperfection or two that occurred during the printing process. Our selection of Engage “blemish” paddles includes the Encore MX, Elite Pro and Pursuit FX models. Ask a Game-Set-Match, Inc. associate if you’re interested in snagging one of these great deals. Shop Engage paddles at any of our four locations: Centennial, Denver, Boulder, or Las Vegas . We also offer paddle demos and paddle trade-ins if you're looking to upgrade!


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