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Close up image of a strung tennis racquet.

24 Hour Stringing Services

Racquet Stringing Services

We are Denver's tennis racquet stringing service experts! We also provide racquetball, squash and badminton racquet stringing services. 

Game-Set-Match, Inc. will string your racquet at any of our four stores within 24 hours guaranteed. Depending on your schedule and needs, we may even be able to string your racquet while you shop or run errands! If your racquet needs more than just new strings, we can also give it a racquet tune-up with a new grip and grip collar, dampener, grommets, bumper or head tape, and even add some lead tape for extra weight.

Image of a tennis racquet being strung on a machine.
Image of a tennis racquet being strung on a machine.

Racquet Stringing Prices

Not sure what string to get? Our highly-trained staff can advise based on your preferences and style of play. We carry over 100 different types of strings to suit all abilities and styles of play. Our string prices start at $25 (+ tax) which includes labor. If you already have your own string, the racquet stringing (labor) charge is just $23.00.

Image of Game-Set-Match staff working on stringing racquets.
Randy Ross Tennis Center entrance.

Racquet Stringing Delivery Services

We also offer racquet stringing pick-up/drop-off services at six club partner locations. Simply leave your racquet with the front desk staff, fill out a racquet stringing form, and we'll pick it up, re-string it, and drop it back off at your club. 

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