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Ball Machine Services

Tennis & Pickleball Machine Sales and Repairs

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Ball machines are one of the best ways to practice your tennis and pickleball shots. With the proper care and maintenance, your ball machine can run smoothly season after season. Game-Set-Match, Inc. is pleased to offer tennis and pickleball machine sales and repair services to public and private facilities as well individual ball machine owners. We offer new and used tennis and pickleball machine sales, tennis and pickleball machine repairs and maintenance, and free ball machine trainings to local tennis and pickleball clubs. 

  • Don’t know how to use all the functions of your ball machine? Our team can come out for a free ball machine training to demonstrate the many features and show you some different drills your machine can run.

  • Does your ball machine need a tune-up? Let our trained and insured team members come out to run a diagnosis and make specific recommendations for repairs.

  • Is it time to upgrade your ball machine, or are you ready to purchase your first machine? We are the official sales representative for Playmate-Metaltek, the leading manufacturer of ball machines in the US. We sell new and used machines from other leading brands as well.

  • Looking to sell your old ball machine? We purchase used ball machines of all sizes and types. All of our machines (new and used) come with a minimum 1-year warranty. Game-Set-Match, Inc. is Colorado's #1 provider of used tennis ball machine sales.

Simply give us a call at (970) 393-3989 or email us at to discuss your ball machine needs. We look forward to helping your tennis or pickleball machine perform its best!

Game-Set-Match, Inc. is your authorized dealer for the following featured machines:

  • Playmate iGENIE Tennis Ball Machine

  • Playmate Pickleball Machine

  • Playmate iSmash Tennis Ball Machine

  • Playmate Ace Tennis Ball Machine

  • Playmate Volley Tennis Ball Machine

  • Playmate Ball Mower 2.0

  • Playmate Serve Lift

  • Playmate Grand Slam Lift + Machine

Our service territory for ball machine sales and services includes Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and New Mexico.

Picture of two people standing with the ball machine.

Playmate Ball Machine Sales

Picture of the Playmate Volley Machine.

Playmate Volley

Tennis Ball Machine


Picture of the Playmate Ace Machine.

Playmate Ace

Tennis Ball Machine


picture of the Playmate Lift Machine.

Playmate Lift for

Tennis Ball Machines


Picture of the Playmate iGenie Machine.

Playmate iGenie

Tennis Ball Machine


Picture of the Playmate Pickleball Machine.

Playmate Pickleball



Picture of the Playmate iSmash2 machine.

Playmate iSmash

Tennis Ball Machine


Picture of the Playmate Grand Slam machine.

Playmate Grand Slam

Tennis Ball Machine


Picture of the Playmate Tennis Ball Mower.

Playmate Tennis Ball 



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