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Court Cleaning and Maintenance

Tennis & Pickleball Court Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Game-Set-Match, Inc. is pleased to provide tennis and pickleball court maintenance services to HOA’s, tennis clubs, schools and private courts in the Denver metro and Boulder areas.
Our court maintenance services include:

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Image of the Heritage Village Tennis Courts.
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Benefits of Tennis and Pickleball Court Cleaning & Maintenance

​There are many benefits to having your tennis or pickleball court professionally cleaned, including:

  • Maintaining community tennis courts improves the quality of the neighborhood and is beneficial to home values.

  • Windscreen maintenance (roll-up in the fall) can reduce damage from snow/ice build-up on the courts. It can also increase the longevity of the windscreens themselves.

  • Cleaning/washing courts helps prolong the life of the court and increases playability.

  • A clean court always creates a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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We are proud to provide tennis court maintenance service to 75+ HOA’s, clubs and neighborhoods throughout Denver, including:

Air Academy High School

Castle Pines Village

Greenwood Village

Piney Creek

Arapahoe Farms


Heritage Greens

Preserve in Greenwood Village

Bow Mar

Cherry Hills

Heritage Village

Stonegate Village

Buell Mansion

Grant Ranch


Court Maintenance Services

GSM Court maintenance team

Tennis & Pickleball Court Products

Game-Set-Match, Inc. proudly carries tennis and pickleball court products for HOA’s, tennis clubs, schools and private courts throughout Colorado. Our selection includes the following court products:

  • Private label DTS nets

  • Center straps

  • Windscreens (customizable)

  • Complete Rol-Dris and replacement rollers

  • Teaching carts/hoppers

  • Divider nets and hardware

  • Scorekeepers

  • Tidi tray and baskets

  • Court benches

  • Push brooms

  • Net cranks

  • Playmate/Metal-Tek ball machines

  • Aircraft aluminum ball mowers

  • Rebound nets and backboards

image of person using a tennis ball mower.

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Image of man on a ladder doing maintenance at the Columbine courts.
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