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New Tennis Rackets & Pickleball Paddles

'24 HEAD Extreme

Presentation-231114_Head Tennis Lifestyleshooting_Extreme.jpg

July 11, 2024. Achieve ultimate spin with the new '24 HEAD Extreme. Pro players like Matteo Berrettinni and Bianca Andreescu dominate rallies with HEAD's most spin-friendly racket, and you can too.


Auxetic construction provides impressive stability and feel to master your spin game. 


Choose from four models:

•    HEAD Extreme MP: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.6 oz.
•    HEAD Extreme MP L: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 9.9 oz.

•    HEAD Extreme Pro: 98 sq. in., 16x19, 10.8 oz.

•    HEAD Extreme Team: 105 sq. in., 16x19, 9.3 oz.

Demos are currently available at all four Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores. All demo fees are applied to the purchase of your new racket, plus we price match!

Wilson Padel Rackets

Wilson Padel Carbon Force.jpg

June 20, 2024. Padel (pronounced puh-dell) is the latest racket sports craze sweeping the nation. New padel courts are popping up all over the U.S. to keep up with demand for this fun and fast-paced sport.


Try it for yourself with the new recreational padel rackets from Wilson. The wallet-friendly Wilson Carbon Force and Pace rackets come in four models aligned with different playing levels and performance attributes.

•    Wilson Carbon Force ($129): 365g; carbon fiberglass composite - best for casual players seeking power & control

•    Wilson Carbon Force LT ($169): 365g; carbon fiberglass composite - best for intermediate players seeking a lighter paddle

•    Wilson Carbon Force Pro ($189): 365g; carbon fiber face - best for advanced players seeking power & control 

•    Wilson Pace ($99): 365g; carbon fiber face - best for beginners seeking a large sweet spot

Wilson padel rackets are currently available at the Game-Set-Match Centennial and Las Vegas stores. We can also ship them to you!

OWL Sport Pickleball


May 30, 2024. Game-Set-Match, Inc. is excited to announce that we are one of a select few exclusive retailers to carry the award-winning Owl Sports pickleball paddles. Their revolutionary ‘Certified Quiet Paddles’ will instantly improve your game while saving your ears. 

•    Owl CX: 16mm; 7.8 oz.; 15.8 in. length

•    Owl CXE: 16mm; 7.9 oz.; 16.3 in. length 
•    Owl PX: 13mm; 7.6 oz.; 15.8 in. length

•    Owl PXE: 13mm; 7.5 oz.; 16.3 in. length 

•    Owl Founder's Edition: 16mm; 7.9 oz.; 15.8 in. length 

Join the ranks of John McEnroe, Drew Brees and USA Pickleball CEO Mike Nealy in trying the Owl pickleball paddles. Pick them up at all four Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores or demo for just $5.


6.0 Ruby.png

May 14, 2024. By popular demand, Game-Set-Match, Inc. is thrilled to now carry Six Zero pickleball paddles. Take your pickleball game to the next level with the 6.0 Ruby or Double Black Diamond - 2023 paddle of the year. 

These premium paddles combine industry-leading performance with innovative materials, like DuPont Kevlar and 700k carbon fiber:


•    6.0 Ruby: 16mm; 8.2 oz.; 16.3 in. length - exceptional control and  unbeatable spin

•    6.0 Double Black Diamond: 16mm; 8.4 oz.; 16.3 in. length - unique blend of power and finesse

6.0 paddles feature a unique shape and eye-catching design that pickleball players are going crazy for. Pick them up at all four Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores or demo for just $5.


Babolat BALLR paddle.png

April 2, 2024. Babolat’s pickleball paddles have had a cult following for years, but they’re upping the game in a major way this year with their new paddle launch.

The launch features 3 new paddles perfectly tailored to meet every player where they're at with their skills and tactics:

•    Babolat STRKR+: 13mm; 8.1 oz.; 16.7 in. length - ultimate power paddle for aggressive players

•    Babolat BALLR+: 16mm; 8.3 oz.; 16.2 in. length - balanced control plus spin for all-around players

•    Babolat WZRD: 20mm; 8.5 oz.; 15.8 in. length - sensational control for master dinkers

Standout technology in all three new paddles includes biaxial woven carbon fiber (power + feel), Duratech unibody construction (durability), and SMAC material (vibration dampening). 

Try or buy the new Babolat pickleball paddles at all four Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores now.



February 15, 2024. Add pop and power to your game with HEAD's leading power racket, the HEAD BOOM.


Endorsed by fan favorite Coco Gauff, the 2024 HEAD BOOM features a cosmetic upgrade as well as the addition of HEAD Auxetic 2.0 material for superior ball feel. Players love the plush feel and quick maneuverability of this power-enhancing racket.

The new '24 HEAD BOOM is available in four adult models:

•    HEAD BOOM MP: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.4 oz.
•    HEAD BOOM Pro: 98 sq. in., 16x19, 10.9 oz.

•    HEAD BOOM Team: 102 sq. in., 16x19, 9.7 oz.

•    HEAD BOOM Team L 107 sq. in., 16x19, 9.2 oz.

The new HEAD BOOM officially launches 3/7, but you can demo it now at any Game-Set-Match, Inc. store.

'24 Wilson Blade V9

Wilson Blade v9.png

February 1, 2024. The latest and greatest version of the most popular tennis racket on the pro tour - the Wilson Blade - launches today!

The Wilson Blade V9 maintains its most popular elements while enhancing the racket’s stability with Wilson’s new StableFeel technology. This system minimizes racket twisting/bending to provide better feel and response without sacrificing comfort. 

The new '24 Wilson Blade V9 comes in five adult models and two junior sizes:

•    Blade 98 16x19 V9: 98 sq. in., 16x19, 10.8 oz., 4 pts HL
•    Blade 98 18x20 
V9: 98 sq. in., 18x20, 10.8 oz., 4 pts HL

•    Blade 100L V9: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.1 oz., 1 pts HL

•    Blade 100UL V9: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 9.4 oz., 1 pts HH

•    Blade 104 V9: 104 sq. in., 16x19, 10.2 oz., 6 pts HL

•    Blade 25: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 8.6 oz.

•    Blade 25: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 9.0 oz.

Demo the new Wilson Blade V9 for just $5 at Game-Set-Match, Inc. 

'24 Babolat Pure Strike

Babolat Pure Strike_edited.jpg

January 25, 2024. The new Babolat Pure Strike launches today, and control-loving players are lining up at the door in anticipation! 

Jam-packed with all sorts of new technologies and a lower stiffness rating for enhanced comfort, the '24 Pure Strike is the ultimate weapon for control.

The new '24 Babolat Pure Strike comes in a whopping eight different models so you can find your perfect fit:

•    Pure Strike 97: 97 sq. in., 16x20, 10.9 oz., 7 pts HL
•    Pure Strike 98 16x19: 98 sq. in., 16x19, 10.8 oz., 4 pts HL

•    Pure Strike 98 18x20: 98 sq. in., 18x20, 10.8 oz., 4 pts HL

•    Pure Strike 100: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.6 oz., 4 pts HL

•    Pure Strike 100 16x20: 100 sq. in., 16x20, 10.8 oz., 7 pts HL

•    Pure Strike Team: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.1 oz., 1 pt HL

•    Pure Strike Jr: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 8.8 oz.

Be the first to try the new Pure Strike for just $5 at Game-Set-Match, Inc. 

HEAD Radical Pickleball


January 25, 2024. The uber-popular HEAD Radical isn't just for tennis players; the HEAD Radical Pickleball is just as popular in its own right.


Versatile pickleball players seeking a combination of power and precision are crazy about the HEAD Radical Pickleball. It comes in four different models with a control-oriented 15mm thickness and standard or elongated length for both one and two-handed backgrounds.

•    Radical Tour Grit: 7.9 oz., 15mm, 16 in. length
•    Radical Tour Grit EX: 8.1 oz., 15mm, 16.5 in. length

•    Radical Pro: 8.1 oz., 15mm, 16 in. length

•    Radical Elite: 8.1 oz., 15mm, 16 in. length

Try one or more models for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc. We'll deduct the demo fees from your full-price purchase.

'24 Volkl Vostra

Volkl v8_edited.jpg

January 20, 2024. Have you tried Volkl tennis rackets? They're just as good as their iconic skis - we promise! Game-Set-Match, Inc. proudly carries Volkl Vostra tennis rackets and other great rackets by Volkl.

The '24 Volkl Vostra family features four different models that vary on the power to control continuum. Try the V4 for oversized power, the V6 for midsized controllable power, V9 for high-performance power, or the V8 for great spin and feel.

•    Vostra V4: 105 sq. in., 16x19, 9.7 oz., 5 pts HL
•    Vostra V6: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 9.2 oz., 2 pts HL

•    Vostra V8 285: 100 sq. in., 16x18, 10.1 oz., 4 pts HL
Vostra V9 290: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.2 oz., 4 pts HL

•    Vostra V9 305: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.8 oz., 5 pts HL

•    Volkl V8 300: 100 sq. in., 16x18, 10.6 oz., 5 pts HL

•    Volkl V8 315: 100 sq. in., 16x18, 11.1 oz., 7 pts HL

The new HEAD Speed is available to demo now for just $5 at Game-Set-Match, Inc. Try them all to see which model best fits your fast playing game!

Komodo Pickleball

Komodo 2.png

January 4, 2024. Former tennis world #1 Andre Agassi is combining forces with the hottest new pickleball brand: Komodo Pickleball.


Komodo Pickleball paddles feature eye-popping dragon designs + precision-engineering for an all-star pickleball experience.

Game-Set-Match, Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive dealer of Komodo Pickleball gear for the Colorado front range and Las Vegas valley areas. 

Our featured models include:

•    Komodo Katana: 7.5 oz., 16mm, 16.4 in. length
•    Komodo Furi: 7.5 oz., 16mm, 16.4 in. length

•    Komodo Furi LS: 7.5 oz., 13mm, 16.45 in. length

•    Komodo Furi LT: 7.5 oz., 12mm, 16.4 in. length

Try all four models for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc. We'll even apply the demo fees to your full-price purchase!

'24 HEAD Speed

2024 HEAD Speed tennis racquet.jpg

January 2, 2024. A new year means new rackets coming out! First out of the gates this year is the new 2024 HEAD Speed. Pre-order yours now - exclusively at Game-Set-Match, Inc. (Rackets will be available for pickup on 1/18/24.)

The new '24 HEAD Speed comes in four different models that are perfectly adapted for a variety of players who like to play fast:

•    '24 HEAD Speed MP: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.6 oz., 1 HL
•    '24 HEAD Speed MP L: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 9.9 oz., 0.7 HL

•    '24 HEAD Speed Pro: 100 sq. in., 18x20, 10.9 oz., 1.3 HL

•    '24 HEAD Speed Team: 105 sq. in., 16x19, 9.5 oz., 0.8 HL

The new HEAD Speed is available to demo now for just $5 at Game-Set-Match, Inc. Try them all to see which model best fits your fast playing game!

Dunlop CX 200 & 400 Series

Dunlop CX.jpg

December 14, 2023. Control the game with the new Dunlop CX 200 and 400 series rackets - available for pre-order beginning tomorrow! (Rackets will be available for pickup on 1/11/24.)

The new Dunlop CX racket series comes in seven different models to find a perfect fit for every control-seeking player:

•    Dunlop CX 200 Tour: 95 sq. in., 16x19, 10.9 oz., 10 pts HL
•    Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18x20: 95 sq. in., 18x20, 11.1 oz., 10 pts HL

•    Dunlop CX 200: 98 sq. in., 16x19, 10.8 oz., 9 pts HL

•    Dunlop CX 200 LS: 98 sq. in., 16x19, 10.2 oz., 6 pts HL

•    Dunlop CX 200 OS: 105 sq. in., 16x19, 10.4 oz., 6 pts HL

•    Dunlop CX 400 Tour: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.6 oz., 7 pts HL

•    Dunlop CX 400: 100 sq. in., 16x19, 10.1 oz., 4 pts HL


Demo the new Dunlop CX rackets for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc. We'll even apply the demo fees to your new racket purchase.

Gearbox Pro Series

Gearbox Pro Series pickleball paddle

December 7, 2023. One of the most highly anticipated pickleball paddles is finally here: the Gearbox Pro Series.

The Gearbox Pro Series paddles feature the company’s patented Solid Span Technology, which captures and amplifies energy for explosive, responsive on-court performance. Energy in – performance out.

The Gearbox Pro series comes in four different models that vary by control vs. power and standard vs. elongated:

•    Gearbox Pro Control Fusion: 8.0 oz., 14mm, 16 in. length
•    Gearbox Pro Control Elongated: 8.0
 oz., 14mm, 16.5 in. length

•    Gearbox Pro Control Fusion: 8.0 oz., 14mm, 16 in. length

•    Gearbox Pro Control Elongated: 8.0 oz., 14mm, 16.5 in. length


Try the paddles for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc. We'll even apply the demo fees to your new paddle purchase.

Paddletek Bantam ALW-C

Anna Leigh Waters with ALW pickleball paddle

November 16, 2023. Make way for the new signature paddle from pickleball world #1 Anna Leigh Waters: the Paddletek Bantam ALW-C.

The new Anna Leigh Waters paddle is a premium raw carbon paddle designed in direct collaboration with Anna Leigh for max power, spin and flexibility. 

The Bantam ALW-C is available in sunset, seafoam or platinum color waves in two different models:

•    Bantam ALW-C 14.3: 7.5 oz., 14.3mm, 15 5/8 length
Bantam ALW-C 12.7: 7.5 oz., 12.7mm, 15 5/8 length

Try the Bantam ALW-C 14.3 for more control or the Bantam ALW-C 12.7 for more power.


Demo both models for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc.! We'll even apply the demo fees to your new paddle purchase.

Selkirk Luxx Control Air

Selkirk Luxx Control Air pickleball paddle

November 1, 2023. Selkirk is filling a major void in the premium pickleball market with the introduction of the new Selkirk Luxx Control Air. 

Endorsed by Jack Sock, these top-of-the-line paddles feature a 20mm Thikset honeycomb core and transformative Florek Carbon Fiber technology. What’s that all mean? Control reigns supreme.

The Selkirk Luxx Control Air is available in red, blue and gold in three different models:

•    Luxx Control Air S2: 8.1 oz., 20mm, 15.7 x 8.25 inches
 Luxx Control Air Invikta: 7.8 oz., 20mm, 16.5 x 7.5 inches

•    Luxx Control Air Epic: 7.9 oz., 20mm, 16 x 7.9 inches

The Control Air S2 has the largest sweet spot; the Invikta is an elongated paddle and the Epic is an all-around player's paddle. 


Demo all three models for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc.! We'll even apply the demo fees to your new paddle purchase.

HEAD Radical Raw

HEAD Radical Raw pickleball paddle

October 19, 2023. HEAD has just released the HEAD Radical Raw series of pickleball paddles. Made with a raw carbon hitting surface, these paddles provide the ultimate combination of touch and grip on the ball. HEAD's Handle Stabilizer Technology stabilizes the shaft/handle of the paddle and provides additional dampening and shock absorption

The HEAD Radical Raw pickleball paddles ($169) are available in two models:
•    Radical Tour Raw: 7.9 oz., 15mm, 16 x 7.875 inches
•    Radical Tour Ex Raw: 8.1 oz., 15mm, 16.5 x 7.5 inches

The Radical Tour Raw is a traditional shape paddle with great maneuverability. The Radical Tour Ex Raw features an elongated handle that makes it well-suited for two-handed backhands. 


Demo both models for just $5 each at Game-Set-Match, Inc.! We'll even apply the demo fees to your new paddle purchase.

'23 HEAD Prestige


September 28, 2023. Today, HEAD revealed the new 2023 HEAD Prestige tennis racket. From what we’re seeing, this racket is “Right on Point.” That’s the slogan for the new Prestige that’s all about precision and control.

The ’23 Prestige comes in three models: MP Light ($259), Pro ($269) and Tour ($269):
•    Prestige MP Light: 10.6 oz., 99 sq. inch, 16x19 string pattern
•    Prestige Pro: 11.3 oz., 98 sq. inch, 18x20 string pattern
•    Prestige Tour: 11.1 oz, 95 sq. inch, 16x19 string pattern


The MP is a great choice for recreational players of all levels. The Pro is well-suited to advancing players. The Tour is a popular choice among advanced and pro-level players.


New technology highlights in the ’23 HEAD Prestige include Auxetic materials for sensational feel and a distinctive see-through carbon element that makes every racket unique.


Come demo it for just $5 at Game-Set-Match, Inc.! The '23 HEAD Prestige will be available for purchase on the official launch date of October 12, 203. 

New Yonex Percept

August 25, 2023. Yonex fans know the brand is super selective when it comes to their racket lineup. For decades, Yonex has featured three primary racket lines: the EZONE (power), VCORE (spin) and VCOREPRO (control).


Well, all that is about to change right now. Introducing… the Yonex Percept! The Percept ($259) is available in five models featuring new technologies like SERVO FILTER (vibration dampening), FLEXCON (ball pocketing/accuracy), and extra graphite layers (rigidity/stability).

•    Percept 97: 10.9 oz., 97 sq. inch, 16x19 string pattern

•    Percept 97D: 11.3 oz., 97 sq. inch, 18X20 string pattern

•    Percept 97H: 11.6 oz., 97 sq. inch, 16x19 string pattern

•    Percept 100: 10.6 oz., 100 sq. inch, 16x19 string pattern

•    Percept 100D: 10.8 oz., 97 sq. inch, 18x19 string pattern

The Percept is endorsed by top players like Fances Tiafoe, Stan Wawrinka and Dayana Yastremska. But don't take their word for it; try it for yourself! Demo the new Yonex Percept for just $5 at Game-Set-Match, Inc.

Find out about more new tennis and pickleball products in our blog...

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