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Padel is a fun, fast-paced racket sport that's catching on quickly in the U.S. It’s played on an enclosed court with thick fiberglass/carbon fiber rackets and a ball that can be likened to a depressurized tennis ball with thicker felt.  

Padel is especially popular in Spain and other parts of Europe and Latin America, but it's quickly gaining traction around the world, including several areas of the United States. 

Need help finding padel gear? Let our knowledgeable staff assist you with recommendations to suit your budget and style of play. Stop by one of our locations in Colorado or Las Vegas, or shop our padel gear online.

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Padel Courts

Looking for a padel court near you? Check out the lists below to find padel courts in Colorado or Las Vegas.

To add your local court to our list, please contact:

Colorado Padel Courts
We've got the scoop on the best padel courts in Colorado. Here's a list of a few of our favorite padel courts in Colorado.

Las Vegas Padel Courts 
Las Vegas is a great spot for year-round padel. Here's a list of a few of our favorite padel courts in Las Vegas.

Learn More About Padel
Compared to tennis, padel is considered easier to pick up for beginners due to less emphasis on strength and technique.

Learn more about
padel and how it compares to pickleball in our blog.

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