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Close up image of a strung tennis racquet.

Velociti Tennis

Velociti: Our Preferred Brand for Tennis and the Environment

Velociti Tennis is Game-Set-Match, Inc.’s brand of choice for string, grips and accessories. We often recommend Velociti products to our customers because they feature premium, environmentally friendly materials that help players of all ages and abilities “Up the Velociti.” 
Velociti is also locally owned and operated, so your purchases help support Colorado’s economy and jobs creation.

Leading the tennis industry in sustainability

In addition to making great tennis products, we like supporting Velociti due to their commitment to protecting our environment. 
Every year, thousands of pounds of used tennis waste are dumped in landfills, and Velociti is committed to changing that statistic for the better.
In 2022, Velociti launched the first fully biodegradable synthetic tennis string, Velociti Catalyst. Catalyst biodegrades in just 3 to 5 years, 100x faster than other synthetic tennis string. It also received high ratings from RSI Magazine for durability and spin.
Velociti limits single-use packaging in their products to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills. They’re continuing to research and launch products that can help make tennis more eco-friendly.
Velociti’s Premium Products

Often imitated but never duplicated, Velociti is the original creator of rainbow string. The rainbow colors make a fun statement while delivering powerful performance with every shot. 
Velociti grips and string are comparable to best-selling products from brands like ASICS and Gamma, but they feature environmentally sustainable materials and performance-enhancing attributes. 
You’ll immediately notice the superior sweat-absorption of Velociti’s grips and extra snapback from their poly strings. Give them a try – you’ll notice the Velociti difference! 
Where to Buy Velociti Products

Velociti products are available for purchase at all Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores as well as online at

Visit the Velociti website to view products like their best-selling long dampeners, grip-enhancing towels, high-performance tennis string, grips and more. 

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