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2022 HEAD Speed Auxetic: A Faster & More Responsive HEAD Speed

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Speed tennis racquet graphic showing the new racquet

Sometimes, the difference between winning and losing a match is being that split-second faster. It means getting to that one extra ball that would normally be out of reach or attacking the ball before your opponent has time to recover from the previous shot. That’s the premise of the 2022 HEAD Speed Auxetic tennis racquet: it’s all about speed.

Previous models of the HEAD Speed (like the HEAD Speed Graphene 360+) have long received high marks for power and playability. Players with a fast game and full swing love the Speed’s stability and accuracy. Now HEAD is speeding up the game with its newest Speed model, which comes fully loaded with Auxetic technology and so much more.

Here are the most noteworthy technologies in the 2022 HEAD Speed:

  • Auxetic Material: The Auxetic material in the racquet yolk adapts its internal structure in response to ball contact – giving you sensational feel.

  • Speed Pattern: This special string pattern provides supremely controlled power.

  • Power Grommets: Larger grommets maximize string movement for even more power.

  • Directional Drilling: This grommet drilling method creates a bigger sweet spot and soft-impact feel.

Ready to try these new racquet technologies for yourself? Read on to learn which model might be right for you...

The 2022 HEAD Speed comes in four different models: the MP, Pro, Team and Team L. Whether you’re a casual player or high-level competitor, there’s a model to suit your level and style of play.


The 2022 Speed MP (MidPlus) is a classic player’s racquet featuring a 100-inch head size and spin-friendly 16x19 string pattern. Weighing in at a middle-of-the-road 10.6 ounces, it’s slightly lighter and easier to handle than the 10.9 ounce HEAD Speed Pro. Players with a fast game will love the easy handling and sensational feel of the new HEAD Speed MP.

HEAD Speed Pro

Well-suited for advanced tournament players, the 2022 Speed Pro comes with a 18x20 string pattern for increased control. Like all four 2022 Speed models, its balance point is 1 point head light and features 100 square inches of real estate. Players with a fast game who are seeking optimal control will enjoy the 2022 HEAD Speed Pro.

HEAD Speed Team & Team L

Casual players will want to consider the 2022 HEAD Speed Team and Team L (Lite) tennis racquets. These racquets are lighter in weight than the two previous racquets discussed, weighing in at 10.1 ounces for the Speed Team and just 9.3 ounces for the Speed Team L. Both models feature today’s most popular 16x19 string pattern. Newer players looking to improve quickly will find these racquets approachable and easy-to-handle.

Still not sure which model is best for you? Visit any Game-Set-Match, Inc. store (Centennial, Denver, Boulder or Las Vegas) to chat with our racquet experts about which model is best suited for your game. 2022 HEAD Speed demos and pre-sales are available beginning February 17, 2022, with racquets available for pickup on March 2, 2022.

If you don’t care about having the latest and greatest model, get a great deal on previous year's models - now $20 off!

Have fun out there and remember, a little extra speed is often all you need.


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