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Ben Johns’ Pickleball Paddle is Now Available at GSM

Updated: Mar 21

Ben Johns playing pickleball

Where are Joola pickleball paddles made?

Established in Germany in 1952, Joola has been a major player on the worldwide table tennis scene for nearly 70 years. More recently, Joola established itself as a preeminent table tennis brand on the US pro pickleball circuit, gradually becoming a household name within the past 15 years. However, it wasn’t until earlier this year (2022) that Joola officially entered the pickleball market with the launch of Joola Pickleball. Joola Pickleball immediately took the pickleball world by storm by sponsoring world #1 men’s pickleball player Ben Johns. (Read on to find out which paddle Ben Johns plays with.) Continuing their German tradition, Joola table tennis and pickleball products are manufactured overseas in Germany. Stateside, Game-Set-Match, Inc. is proud to be Colorado’s premier retailer for Joola pickleball and table tennis gear. We carry a wide range of different Joola pickleball paddle models and Joola table tennis products in our four stores.

What pickleball paddle does Ben Johns play with?

Ben Johns is currently ranked #1 in the world by the Pro Pickleball Association for singles, doubles and mixed doubles. At just 23 years old, Ben Johns is considered by many to be the greatest pickleball player of all time! Ben Johns plays with the Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS, a premium pickleball paddle designed in partnership with Ben Johns himself. This paddle is USAPA-approved and performs at the highest levels in all categories. The Hyperion CFS is rated 94 for control, 93 for power, and 95 for spin. It features an aero-curve head shape for faster swing speed and carbon friction surface for maximum spin. The 16-millimeter core is made from a reactive honeycomb polymer that’s specially tuned for high-level players to maximize consistency and feel. Per Ben Johns’ ideal specifications, the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS has an average weight of 8.4 ounces, 16.5 inch length, 7.7 inch width and 5.5 inch grip. This paddle is an excellent choice for serious pickleball players or anyone wanting to compete at higher levels. The Hyperion CFS is considered by some players to be the best pickleball paddle of 2022.

What are the different Joola paddle models? How much do Joola paddles cost?

The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS ($219) is Joola’s top-of-the-line paddle and features the specifications listed above. A close second to this premium paddle is the Ben Johns Hyperion CAS ($159), which is available in both a 16mm and 13.5mm core thickness. In comparing the Hyperion CFS vs Hyperion CAS, the Hyperion CAS features a slightly more aggressive head shape that yields an ideal amount of control and versatility on a wide range of shots. It has a carbon abrasion surface for spin production and response honeycomb polymer core for improved ball feedback, feel and control. The Ben Johns Hyperion CAS 16mm provides slightly more control, while the 13.5mm version provides slightly more power. These paddles have an average weight of 8.2/8.3 ounces, 16.5 inch length, 7.5 inch width and 5.5 inch grip. If you’re new to the sport and just learning how to play pickleball, the Joola Essentials pickleball paddle ($59) or pickleball set ($129) are two great options. The Joola Essentials paddle is a go-to paddle for recreational players and anyone just starting to develop their strokes. It features a response polymer core and fiberglass surface that yields great pop on the ball. Designed for entry level players, it has an average weight of 8.2 ounces, 15.5 inch length, 7.9 inch width and 4.75 inch grip. The Joola Essentials kit includes two Essentials paddles, two pickleballs and a handy carrying bag.

Where can I buy Joola pickleball paddles?

If you’re wondering where to buy Joola pickleball paddles, look no further than Game-Set-Match, Inc. We have the largest pickleball store in Colorado and the intermountain region as well as three additional stores with outstanding pickleball selection. We carry all the most popular Joola paddle models, including the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS, Ben Johns Hyperion CAS, Joola Essentials pickleball paddle, and Joola Essentials pickleball set.

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