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Does Wearing Court Shoes Really Matter?

Updated: Mar 21

The short answer is, yes! But let’s go more in-depth…

Shoe wall at Game-Set-Match

What’s the difference between court shoes and regular sneakers?

First is the makeup of the shoe. Court shoes are designed specifically for tennis and the shifting, side-to-side motions that come with the game. Regular sneakers reach lower on the ankle bone, giving less stability and more room for injury.

Another major difference is the materials found in court shoes versus regular sneakers. Court shoes have technologically superior materials to improve your grip, enhance movement and provide support. For example, Michelin (the tire company) has partnered with Babolat for many years to create the ideal racquet sport shoe. In using rubber that is also used for tires, Babolat demonstrates quality control and the ability to use a stronger rubber so that the soles of their shoes, and the shoe as a whole, last longer. That’s just one example of many proving that court shoes really do make a difference!

What benefits do court shoes have to my game?

Because court shoes tend to hit the ankle bone higher on the foot, there is more stability and a decreased chance of ankle injuries. The traction on the bottom of the shoes makes it easier to stop when shifting or making a quick turn-around when the gameplay gets intense! The main idea of court shoes is maximizing and supporting your movement on the court and getting the most out of the effort put in. Get your hands on some court shoes today to take your tennis game to the next level.

What are some brands I should try?

Come into one of our four locations to try some on! You never know what you will love until it’s on your feet. Game-Set-Match, Inc. carries over 15 brands of courts hoes, including all the top brands. There are many options our knowledgeable staff can help you navigate in store. Every foot is different, and every shoe will feel slightly different on each person’s feet.

What if I have wide feet?

We have options for you! The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2, and often most K-Swiss shoes, have a wider width than most other brands. Once again, it is important to find the shoe that fits best by trying it on in store. Don’t risk randomly picking a pair online then having to hassle with returns. Come see us at Game-Set-Match, Inc. to find the perfect fit.

How long do court shoes last?

It truly depends on your use. The support and traction of court shoes will wear away with time. The more frequent the use, the quicker the shoe will need replacing. Make sure to have a backup pair, or better yet, alternate wearing two different pair if you play a lot of tennis.

What if I find the perfect shoe but I don’t like the color?

Good news: a lot of court shoes come in multiple colors. If we don’t have your favorite color in store, our employees can check the stock at our other locations. Worst case, your dream shoe doesn’t come in your favorite color. Mixing and matching colors in your wardrobe adds a fun look to your game. At the end of the day, getting that perfectly fitting shoe is the top priority, no matter the color.

Find your perfect court shoes today at any of our four Game-Set-Match, Inc. locations: Denver, Centennial, Boulder and Las Vegas

Game-Set-Match shoe wall at Denver location

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