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Gearbox Pickleball Paddles – Find the Best Model for Every Player

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

An assortment of Gearbox paddles laid out on a counter

Game-Set-Match, Inc. is Colorado’s one-stop-shop for pickleball. We carry all the best pickleball paddles and gear at competitive prices so you can feel good about shopping local. As we continue to expand our pickleball selection, we’re pleased to announce we now carry Gearbox pickleball paddles!

About Gearbox

Gearbox was founded in San Diego, California by professional racquetball player Rafael Filippini. With over 25 years in the composite materials industry, Filippini set out to fulfill his dream of creating a leading technology brand by athletes for athletes. Hence, Gearbox was founded in 2007. Now almost 15 years later, Gearbox continues to be synonymous with outstanding technology, quality and durability.

Gearbox Paddle Models

Game-Set-Match, Inc. proudly carries all the top models of Gearbox pickleball paddles: GX5, GX6, CX11 and CX14. What separates these pickleball paddles from other top models on the market is their single piece construction and edgeless face. All Gearbox paddles are USAPA approved and come with a one-year warranty against defects. Here’s a look at the different models available…

Gearbox GX5

The Gearbox GX5 is a top seller that’s been completely redesigned with some great enhancements and an awesome new look. Players who’ve tried previous versions of the GX5 will notice the new GX5’s upgraded feel and sound. This new model is quieter and has a super soft feel. The Gearbox GX5 is available in both Control and Power models, allowing players to pick their perfect weapon. The GX5 paddle weighs 7.8-8.5 ounces (depending on model), features a 4-3/4 inch handle and standard 15-7/8 inch length. Retail price is $149.99.

Gearbox GX6

If you like the sound of the GX5 but need a paddle with a slightly longer head and handle, we recommend the Gearbox GX6. Known as the “game changer,” the GS6 delivers effortless drive shots and ultra-precise dinks. Players describe the GS6’s slim and aerodynamic frame as fast, maneuverable and responsive. Like the GX5, this paddle is available in both Power and Control models. The GS6 weighs 7.8-8.5 ounces (depending on model), has an elongated 5-5/8 inch handle and 16-5/8 inch total length. Retail price is $149.99.

Gearbox CX11

The Gearbox CX11 and CX14 are the company’s newest models. They retail at a slightly higher price point of $199.99 thanks to their upgraded carbon fiber technology. The CX11 is one of our top picks for power and control. It’s available in two different models (CX11 Quad Control and CX11 Elongated Control), depending on whether you prefer a standard head size/shape or an elongated paddle. Both paddle models come in Power and Control options, enabling you to further hone in on your perfect paddle. The CX11 Quad Control weighs 7.8-8.5 ounces (depending on model), has a standard 4-3/4 handle and 15-7/8 inch total length. Featuring a similar weight range, the CX11E has an elongated 5-5/8 inch handle and 16-5/8 inch total length.

Gearbox CX14

If you’re looking for a more stable, softer feeling paddle, the Gearbox CX14 is a great choice. Compared to the CX11, it features a thicker profile for added stability. Players transitioning from a lesser-performing honeycomb core paddle can easily transition to the CX14 to improve their game. Available in two models, the CX14 Hyper has a longer 5-5/8 inch handle combined with a standard 15-5/8 total length, while the CX14 Elongated has a 5-5/8 handle and an elongated 16-5/8 inch length. The CX14H’s longer handle and smaller head make it quick and maneuverable despite being 14mm thick. In comparison, the CX14E’s long length and narrow head offer great reach and spin production.

Try or Buy Your New Gearbox Paddle

Gearbox paddles are available now at all four Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores: Denver, Centennial, Boulder and Las Vegas

. We recommend taking a few different models for a test drive so you can determine which paddle feels best. Paddle demos are just $5 and we’ll even apply the demo fees to your new paddle purchase.

Have an old paddle you’re looking to offload? Bring it in and we’ll give you $20 towards the purchase of any new paddle priced $120+.


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