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Komodo Pickleball: Paddles for Champions like Andre Agassi

If you’re up on the latest news in the pickleball world, you know that Komodo pickleball paddles are one of the most popular new paddles to hit the courts. With former tennis champions like Andre Agassi leading the way, it’s no wonder that Komodo pickleball paddles launched with ferocity.  

Are you ready to unleash the dragon with Komodo? This summer, Komodo is augmenting their ferocious paddle lineup with two new advanced/pro level paddles for competitive pickleball players. 

Andre Agassi playing pickleball

What Pickleball Paddle Does Andre Agassi Play with? 

Andre Agassi is a co-owner of Komodo Pickleball, and he plays with the Komodo Katana. 

The Katana is the first pickleball paddle created with Kevlar. That’s right, this paddle is surfaced with ballistic body armor materials for maximum bite on the pickleball court.  

What Pickleball Paddle Does Steffi Graf Play with? 

Andre Agassi and his wife Steffi Graf claimed victory at the Pickleball Slam 2 event while playing with their Komodo Katana paddles. Steffi used her limited-edition pink Komodo Katana pickleball paddle as they played their way to the $1 million prize. 

Where to Demo or Buy Komodo Pickleball Paddles 

You may be wondering, is it time for you to try out one of the fierce Komodo pickleball paddles, and where can you find them? As the exclusive Komodo retailer for the Colorado front range and Las Vegas valley, we’ve got you covered on all things Komodo pickleball.  

Stop by one of the Game-Set-Match, Inc. stores in Colorado or Las Vegas to speak with a pickleball expert and demo the Komodo pickleball paddles. You can also order your Komodo pickleball paddle from our online store.  

Game-Set-Match, Inc. carries a full range of Komodo pickleball paddle, including the hard-to-find pink Komodo Katana that’s sold out online! 

Read on for an overview of the all the Komodo pickleball paddles, including their latest models: Komodo Venum and Tanto.  

Who Should Try Komodo Pickleball Paddles?  

Komodo offers a wide range of pickleball paddles, from pickleball paddles designed for youth and beginners all the way to advanced and professional players. 


Best Komodo Pickleball Paddles for Advanced or Professional Players 

If you’re an advanced or professional pickleball player, we’d recommend trying out the Komodo Katana, Komodo Venum or Komodo Tanto pickleball paddles. All three of these paddles are great options for the most experienced and competitive pickleball players.  

A Komodo Katana Pickleball Paddle Review  

The Komodo Katana quickly gained popularity because of its unique surface material – Kevlar. Our Las Vegas store manager and pickleball player Conrad was initially attracted to the Komodo Katana because of this surface. It quickly became one of his go-to pickleball paddles.  

Conrad’s favorite parts about the Katana:  

  • Solid, gritty surface that offers a nice bite 

  • Unique, squared-off grip 

  • Elongated sweet spot that offers more reach and range on the pickleball court

Komodo Katana Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

The Komodo Katana is a great paddle for intermediate and advanced players looking to increase power and spin on the pickleball court.  

  • Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced 

  • Power Rating: 8.25/10 

  • Control: 9.0/10 

  • Spin: 9.5/10 

  • Surface: Advanced Kevlar 

  • Core Material: Advanced Polypropylene 

  • Total Thickness: 16mm 

  • Color options: Original (Gold) or Pro Pink 

Komodo Venum Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

The Komodo Venum paddle is an optimum choice for advanced players looking for fierce drives on the pickleball court.  

  • Skill level: Advanced to Professional 

  • Power Rating: 9.75/10 

  • Control: 8.75/10 

  • Spin: 9/10 

  • Surface: Raw T700 Carbon fiber 

  • Total Thickness: 14mm 

  • Color: Green 

Komodo Tanto Pickleball Paddle 

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pro series pickleball paddle, it’s time to try out the Komodo Tanto. It offers maximum control and a powerful punch.  

  • Skill level: Advanced to Professional 

  • Power Rating: 9.75/10 

  • Control: 9/10 

  • Spin: 9/10 

  • Surface: Raw T700 Carbon Fiber 

  • Core Material: Advanced Aramid/Kevlar Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 14mm 

  • Color: Black and white 

Best Komodo Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players 

The Komodo Furi line of paddles is made for intermediate pickleball players looking to up their game. The Komodo Furi models include the standard 16MM paddle, the LS 13MM paddle and the LT 13MM paddle.  

Komodo Furi 16MM Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

The Komodo Furi 16MM offers great power, control and spin for intermediate players. 

  • Skill level: Intermediate 

  • Power Rating: 8.5/10 

  • Control: 9/10 

  • Spin: 9/10 

  • Surface: Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber 

  • Core Material: Advanced Polypropylene Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 16mm 

  • Color: Red and black  

Komodo Furi LS 13MM Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

The Komodo Furi LS pickleball paddle is a great option for players who prefer an elongated shape that offers more reach at the kitchen line and whippy power on ground strokes. 

  • Skill level: Intermediate to Professional 

  • Power Rating: 8.75/10 

  • Control: 8.5/10 

  • Spin: 9.0/10 

  • Surface: Toray T700 Carbon Fiber 

  • Core Material: KPB Polypropylene Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 13mm 

  • Color: Black with blue 

Komodo Furi LT 13MM Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

If you’re a fan of a longer handle combined with a lighter overall paddle weight, the Komodo Furi LT could be the perfect paddle for your game. 

  • Skill level: Intermediate 

  • Power Rating: 8.75/10 

  • Control: 8.5/10 

  • Spin: 9/10 

  • Surface: Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber 

  • Core Material: Advanced Polypropylene Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 13mm 

  • Color: Black with grey 

Best Komodo Pickleball Paddles for Beginner or Early Intermediate Pickleball Players 

We highly recommend the Komodo Evolve paddles for beginning to rising intermediate pickleball players. Read on to learn more about the Evolve 8, Evolve 7 and Evolve Jr. paddles.  

Komodo Evolve 8 CF Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

The Komodo Evolve 8 pickleball paddle offers a longer handle for reach, a thick core for control, and an extended shape for extra length.  

  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate 

  • Power Rating: 8.5/10 

  • Control: 8.5/10 

  • Spin: 9/10 

  • Surface: T700 Carbon Fiber 

  • Core Material: Advanced Polypropylene Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 16mm 

  • Color: Red, orange and yellow 

Komodo Evolve 7 Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

If you’re a beginner to intermediate player looking for a slim paddle for extra power with a large sweet spot, you should give the Komodo Evolve 7 paddle a spin.  

  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate 

  • Power Rating: 8.0/10 

  • Control: 7.5/10 

  • Spin: 8.5/10 

  • Surface: Fiberglass 

  • Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 13mm 

  • Color: Blue and green 

Komodo Evolve Jr. Pickleball Paddle Features and Specs 

At 2/3 the size of a standard adult paddle, the Komodo Evolve Jr. is a great paddle for younger pickleball paddles looking for reliability, strength and consistency.  

  • Skill level: Beginner Youth 

  • Surface: Fiberglass (Rough) 

  • Core Material:  Polypropylene Honeycomb 

  • Total Thickness: 13mm 

  • Color: Purple with grey 

Take Komodo Pickleball Paddles for a Spin 

Whether you’re ready to “unleash the dragon” (as Komodo likes to say), or you just want to learn more about Komodo and other top-of-the-line pickleball paddles, we’re here to help.  

Stop by one of our Game-Set-Match, Inc. locations, and we’ll help you choose the best pickleball paddle for your game.  

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