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New Volkl V-Cell 1 and V-Cell V1 Racquets, Bags and Backpacks

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Volkl racquets and bags on a wall in our Centennial store

For over 50 years, Volkl has manufactured some of the world’s best tennis racquets. From 1970’s classic wooden racquets to today’s sleek, high-performance graphite racquets, German-based Volkl has long been a leader in racquet technology. Now, they’re taking technical advancement to new heights with the new Volkl V1 and V-Cell V1 racquets.

Let’s start with the standout V-Cell 1. This oversize powerhouse has an eye-catching Power Arm located in the racquet throat. The German-engineered Power Arm permits more movement in the string bed to produce unparalleled power. At the same time, the increased string movement aids in ball cupping for better control. Despite its 27.8 inch extended length, this massive 115 sq. inch racquet weighs a mere 9 ounces. It comes with a rare 16x17 string pattern for tremendous spin potential, making it the most comfortable and playable super oversize racquet on the market. Price: $259.

Now on to the V-Cell V1 racquets, especially the V1 Midplus. Volkl describes this racquet as an enigma due to its combination of playability and arm protection. Suitable for players of all levels, this racquet performs just as well in the hands of beginning players as it does for pros. Players with arm sensitivities will immediately notice how arm-friendly it feels, thanks in part to its internal REVA and V-Cell Material. The V1 MP comes in a traditional 27 inch length, weighs in at a nice 10.1 ounces, has a 102 sq. inch head and popular 16x19 string pattern. Price: $229.

Next up is the player’s racquet, the V-Cell V1 Pro. This racquet features Volkl’s unique Vario Beam design to deliver great precision to high-level players. If you’ve got a big swing and play with stiff strings, this is the racquet for you. By combining great feel with less shock and vibration, it will keep your arm happy shot after pummeling shot. The V1 Pro features a 16x19 string pattern, 99.5 sq. inch head, 27 inch length, and weighs in at 10.8 ounces. Price: $229.

Last but certainly not least is the V-Cell V1 Oversize. Like the V1 Midplus, the Oversize offers a great combination of playability and arm protection for players of all levels. It features a generous 110 sq. inch head size to help you access hard-to-reach balls without putting extra strain on your arm. The V1 Oversize is a lengthy 27.6 inches long, has a 16x19 string pattern, and weighs in at 10.1 ounces. Price: $229.

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a new Volkl V-Cell racquet or not, you’re going to want to check out the awesome new Volkl tennis bags. Featuring vivid blue, yellow and black hues, these stylish bags are designed to be noticed. The traditional-style bags fit anywhere from two to 12 racquets depending on size (three sizes available) and have numerous inner and outer compartments for all your other necessities. The backpack-style bags hold two racquets and feature inner, outer and size zippered compartments for everything else. Price: $69-$119.

Shop Volkl V1 and Volkl V-Cell V1 tennis racquets and bags in-store at any Game-Set-Match, Inc. location: Centennial, Denver, Boulder, or Las Vegas.


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