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Paddletek Guide: An Overview of Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Updated: May 30

Did you know Paddletek pioneered the first Polymer Honeycomb pickleball paddle on the market? That was in 2010, and they’ve been innovating pickleball paddles ever since.

Paddletek has developed paddles to suit every style of play and every type of athlete. They offer three series that are divided into these paddle lines: Tempest, Bantam, and Phoenix.

If you’re ready to try out Paddletek paddles, stop by one of our stores in Colorado or Nevada, or shop our Paddletek paddles online.

To learn more about Paddletek paddles, keep reading.

Anna Leigh Waters holding paddletek pickleball paddle

Tempest Pickleball Paddle Series

Paddletek recently launched the new and improved Tempest series with Paddletek’s proprietary ICED Carbon Fiber surface with Perma-Spin Technology. The unidirectional carbon fiber is coated with micro-spin beads to create spin capability that lasts three times longer than other carbon fiber paddles!

The Tempest series offers:

  • Great touch and control.

  • Game-changing accuracy and forgiveness.

  • Spin surface lasts 3x longer than other carbon fiber paddles.

  • A great option for beginners, if budget allows.

The Tempest models:

  • The Tempest Wave models are the most popular within the series.

  • The Tempest Wave Pro v3 provides max forgiveness.

  • The Tempest Wave v3 provides a dash of extra power.

  • The Tempest Reign paddles are designed with an elongated face for extra reach and power.

Paddletek pickleball paddles Tempest line

Bantam Pickleball Paddle Series

The Bantam series is for players who want more power in their game. The paddle helps generate power for players who need an extra boost.

The Bantam series offers:

  • Maximum pop and a dynamic sweet spot.

  • Unbeatable power without sacrificing control.

Bantam models:

  • The TS-5 and Bantam TS-5 Pro are lightweight options.

  • The Bantam EX-L and Bantam EX-L Pro are heavier options.

  • The Bantam Sabre Pro is a power paddle that has the longest handle in the Paddletek lineup, which is great for players who like a two-handed backhand.

Fun fact: Anna Leigh Waters, World #1, plays with the Bantam TS-5. She started using the TS-5 because she was younger and wanted a lighter paddle. Not only does it help your soft game, it offers great power, which is what she's known for doing best.

Phoenix Pickleball Paddle Series

The Phoenix series is known for its all-around playability. It’s often referred to the Goldilocks of Paddletek paddles. The Phoenix Genesis paddles are priced so that beginners or budget-conscious players can play with confidence using a championship-level paddle without breaking the bank.

The Phoenix series offers:

  • Balance between power and control.

  • Forgiveness and playability to improve your performance.

  • A great, affordable option for beginners.

Phoenix models:

  • The Phoenix Genesis is a light-to-midweight paddle that is great for all levels.

  • The Phoenix Genesis Pro is a midweight paddle that combines medium power with incredible forgiveness and accuracy.

  • The Phoenix G6 is a midweight paddle that is balanced with a large sweet spot.

  • The Phoenix Genesis Anna Leigh Waters Edition is a great balanced paddle for all levels.

What is the difference between a Paddletek pro model and Paddletek baseline model?

The biggest difference between Paddletek pro and baseline models is Smart Response Technology. Smart Response Technology is a formula that allows for the control of thicker paddles without a large drop in power.

Thicker paddles have been popular lately, but a lack of power seems endemic in the category. It can be found in all Paddletek Pro models.

Shop Paddletek pickleball paddles

At Game-Set-Match, Inc., we’d love to help you find the best pickleball paddle for your game. Check out one of our four locations in Colorado and Nevada to peruse our selection of Paddletek models and see which one fits best your game.

If you already know which Paddletek paddle you’d like to purchase, you can shop our Paddletek pickleball paddles online.

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