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Which Selkirk Pickleball Paddle is Best for Me?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Selkirk is one of the most popular pickleball paddle brands on the market. Their wide range of paddles features ultra-premium materials, eye-pleasing designs and the latest paddle technology.

Based in Idaho near the Selkirk Mountains, the company proudly manufactures its high-quality paddles here in the USA. All paddles include a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Selkirk offers many different paddle options, including different materials, thicknesses, shapes and colors. They have options for all playing levels – from recreational players to paid professionals.

The question is, how do you know which paddle is right for you?

Selkirk Pickleball paddles, including Selkirk Vanguard  PowerAir, Selkirk Vanguard, Selkirk SLK

Game-Set-Match, Inc. is pleased to be your official Selkirk pickleball paddle retailer. We carry all the latest models, some of the most popular previous generation Selkirk paddles, and many other pickleball paddles from all the top brands. We’d love to help you choose the best pickleball paddle for your game.

Which Selkirk Paddle Model is Right for You?

Here’s a quick overview of the Selkirk paddle lines.

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air

The Power Air is the newest paddle option from Selkirk. You’ll recognize it immediately as it has an aerodynamic hole for faster swing speed.

The Vanguard Power Air is a premium, edgeless paddle that combines high performance power and maximum spin. This paddle is especially durable and features a polymer honeycomb core.

Selkirk Vanguard 2.0

These top-of-the-line paddles features a carbon fiber face and pro-spin texture for optimal spin production. The carbon fiber technology is woven into the paddle to maximize the sweet spot and enhance shot consistency.

The Gen2 durable surface offers better resistance than previous models, making the Vanguard 2.0 paddles ideal for players wanting a long-lasting, spin-focused paddle.

Selkirk Amped

These high quality paddles feature a fiberglass face that produces terrific spin while also enhancing control. Its durable polypropylene honeycomb technology yields more power than many other paddles on the market.

The Amped paddles are made with lightweight, durable, edge guard technology to create a solid, well-balanced paddle. The Amped paddles are a great choice for players wanting a powerful yet accurate paddle.

Selkirk SLK

If you want to find a high performing paddle but aren’t quite ready to invest in a top-of-the-line model, we’ve got great news for you.

Selkirk also has an entire SLK line that was designed with performance, comfort and affordability in mind. The SLK paddles offer Selkirk’s innovative technology and a large sweet spot along with power and control.

Though these paddles were initially designed for beginners, some pro level players have even opted to play with the SLK line. Saving money doesn’t have to stop you from looking like a pro on the pickleball court!

The SLK line comes in a variety of paddle shapes, styles, sizes and fun colors. Visit our store to hold the latest models and determine the best one for you.

If you're looking for the latest SLK models, come stop by our store to check out the new SLK EVO 2.0 paddles. The newest models include the power, control and hybrid models. They come in Max (largest surface area) and XL (extended length).

Selkirk SLK EVO paddles

How to Choose a Selkirk Paddle Shape

Once you’ve chosen your base paddle, you can move on to select the paddle shape that best suits your style of play. Selkirk offers three different options you can choose from.


The Invikta has an elongated shape for added reach balanced with consistency. This shape is available in the Vanguard Power Air, Vanguard 2.0 and Amped series.


The Epic is styled in classic pickleball paddle shape with a maximum surface area and a long handle. If you’re not sure which shape to choose, the Epic is a great place to start. This shape is available in the Vanguard Power Air, Vanguard 2.0 and Amped series.


The S2 features the largest face and a slightly shorter handle, making it an ideal choice for players seeking consistency and a maximum sweet spot. This shape is available in the Vanguard Power Air, Vanguard 2.0 and Amped series.

Mach 6

The Mach 6 has the Invikta shape with a longer handle (longest handle Selkirk makes) and slightly shorter face. It’s great for players with large hands or a two-handed grip. The Mach 6 shape is available in the Vanguard 2.0 series.

How to Choose a Selkirk Paddle Weight

Once you’ve chosen your paddle model and shape, it’s time to find the right weight.

Most Selkirk pickleball paddles come in both lightweight and midweight options:

  • If you’re just starting out, a lighter paddle will likely feel more maneuverable.

  • A heavier paddle, on the other hand, will produce more power.

We recommend picking up both weights and taking a few practice swings to see which weight feels better in your hands.

Demo Pickleball Paddles Before You Buy

Still not sure which Selkirk pickleball paddle is best for you? Try out a couple different paddles through our Paddle Demo Program.

For just $5, you can “rent” them for 3 days so you can see what best suits your game out on the pickleball court. All demo fees go toward the purchase of a full-price new paddle! We’ll even give you $20 when you trade in your old paddle for a new one.

Where to Buy a Selkirk Pickleball Paddle?

Game-Set-Match, Inc. has a full selection of Selkirk pickleball paddles at our stores in Denver, Centennial, Boulder and Las Vegas.

Our pickleball experts are ready to assist you with custom product recommendations and advice to ensure you leave with the pickleball paddle that best suits your game.

wall of pickleball paddles, including Selkirk paddles


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