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Tennis Courts Near Me: Tips for Finding Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts

So you’ve got your tennis gear ready to go, now what? It’s time to find a tennis court, and we’re here to help.  

Check out our 7 tips below on how to find the best indoor or outdoor tennis courts near you. 

tennis player at tennis court

1. Local Tennis Shops 

If you’re looking for local experts on all things tennis in your community, stop by your local tennis store. At Game-Set-Match, Inc., we’re happy to give customers the scoop on everything in the local tennis community, especially the best indoor and outdoor tennis courts.  

We even have lists of local tennis courts near all of our stores. If you live nearby, check out the links below. If not, call your local tennis shop to get their recommendations.  

Tennis Courts near our stores: 

2. Tennis Associations 

State and national tennis associations are gold mines for tennis courts, lessons, leagues and more. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has a great tennis court search feature that allows you to search for courts near your zip code. Your local division of the USTA (for example, USTA Colorado) is also a great resource. 

3. Private Tennis Clubs 

Private tennis clubs are a great place to find high quality tennis courts, especially if you’re looking to play on a frequent basis and build a tennis community. Most private clubs require membership, though some allow non-members to play for an extra fee.  

4. Local Parks and Recreation Departments 

Check out your local parks and recreation department website, or give them a call, to find local public courts in your city. Many parks and recreation centers also offer programs, lessons, and socials at their community centers and other public courts.  

5. Local Schools and Universities 

Some local schools and colleges allow guests to rent courts. Check out your local school or university website to see if yours offers court time or other tennis opportunities. 

6. Google & Google Maps 

Okay, this is an obvious one! Google and Google Maps (or any other search engine/mapping app) can be helpful for finding local tennis courts near you. You can even find photos and reviews from other players about the courts. These courts are often more heavily frequented, so beware of peak playtime hours. 

7. Social Media 

Facebook and other social media channels can be great spots for finding local courts! Search for tennis groups in your area to learn about tennis courts, meet other players and get looped in on local tennis happenings.  

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