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The Newest Paddles in our Pickleball Arsenal: ProKennex

Updated: May 29

As the number of Colorado pickleball players continues to grow each week, Game-Set-Match, Inc. is pleased to add a new paddle line to our already-stacked pickleball arsenal: ProKennex.

6 ProKennex paddles laid on the ground

Long-time tennis players are likely to remember the name ProKennex from years past when ProKennex tennis rackets topped the charts. While ProKennex continues to manufacture quality tennis rackets, their pickleball paddles might be what they’re best known for in 2022.

ProKennex paddles are super popular on the east coast, and they’re now making their way to the Rocky Mountain region via distribution at Game-Set-Match, Inc. As you consider whether or not to give ProKennex pickleball paddles a try (we think you should!), let’s take a moment to look at what sets these paddles a dink above the competition.

There are four main models of ProKennex paddles: Pro Flight, Ovation Flight, Pro Speed II and Ovation Speed II. The first thing you’ll notice when eyeballing these paddles is that the Ovation Flight and Ovation Speed II paddles have a distinctly round/oval shape, while the Pro Flight and Pro Speed II are the more typical rounded-rectangle shape. The oval shape helps keep the sweet spot right in the middle of the paddle while the rectangular shape moves the sweet spot a bit closer to the tip of the paddle. Some players find the oval shape a bit more maneuverable, though all four models are fairly easy to wield thanks to their relative light weight. In the end, the paddle shape you select make come down to more of a visual preference than anything.

Players wanting a lighter paddle will want to look at the Ovation Flight and Pro Flight (7.3-7.6 oz.), which are about a quarter ounce lighter than their counterparts, the Pro Speed II and Ovation Speed II (7.7-8.0 oz.).

Now, let’s talk about paddle construction and what these technologies can do for your game. Here’s a look at how the four ProKennex models compare...

Chart showing names, prices, and features of 4 ProKennex pickleball paddles

ProKennex paddles come in a variety of fun color combinations that range from muted blue with pink or blue accents to neon pink and lime green with black accents. Whether you’re choosing based on technical specs or visual elements alone, we think you’ll enjoy the premium performance ProKennex paddles deliver.

The ProKennex Pro Flight, Ovation Flight, Pro Speed II and Ovation Speed II are available now for demo or purchase at any Game-Set-Match, Inc. location: Centennial, Denver, Boulder, or Las Vegas. We also now offer a paddle trade-in program if you're looking to upgrade!


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