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What's New in the Wilson Clash v2?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Wilson Clash racquet in a hand

In 2019, Wilson introduced the groundbreaking Clash tennis racquet that took the tennis world by storm. Now, Wilson is turning that ground upside down with the release of the highly-anticipated Clash v2.

Clash aficionados will want to get their hands on the new-and-improved Clash v2 to experience what all the hype is about. The 2022 Wilson Clash v2 isn’t technically available for purchase until March 4, 2022, but Game-Set-Match, Inc. customers can demo or pre-order it beginning February 25!

Clash v1 versus Clash v2

Like the original Wilson Clash, the Clash v2 is a playable powerhouse. It combines controllable power with fantastic feel in an attractive and arm-friendly package. What sets the Clash v2 a step above its predecessor, however, is more consistency, sustainable technologies and a killer design.

To increase the consistency (an occasional complaint among Clash v1 players), Wilson improved the hoop tip construction in order to generate a bigger sweet spot. For sustainability, they added a plant-based bumper, grommets and end caps with sustainable materials to reduce the environmental footprint. In terms of the design, well, just take one look at the Clash v2 and it’s sure to leave an impression. Now in stand-out all red, the Clash v2 has an embossed Clash logo on the racquet throat that you truly can't miss.

Clash v2 Models

The Wilson Clash v2 comes in five different models: 100, 100 Pro, 100L, 98 and 108.

The Clash v2 100 is the “hero model.” It appeals to a broad range of intermediate level players with its 100 square inch head size, 16x19 string pattern and 10.4 ounce weight. It’s super playable and now offers even better consistency than the original Clash.

Players wanting a slightly heavier and more control-oriented frame will want to consider the Clash v2 100 Pro. As indicated by the name, it has a 100 square inch head but features a 16x20 string pattern and very head-light 10.9 ounce weight. This setup is a great choice for heavy hitters.

In contrast, the Clash v2 100L is the lightest 100 square inch model, weighing in at just 9.9 ounces. With its spin-friendly16x19 string pattern, the 100L is a great option for players seeking arm-friendly comfort, lightweight power and easy maneuverability. Check this one out if you have arm issues or simply want an easier weapon to wield.

Now on to the alternate head size models... The 98 square inch head size of the Clash v2 98 provides maximum precision for advanced players adept at hitting a smaller sweet spot. This 10.9 ounce model has extra weight in the handle for additional racquet head control and excellent plow-through. Try this one if you’re a more advanced tournament player who won’t notice those two missing square inches.

Last but certainly not least, the oversize head of the Clash v2 108 will appeal to players seeking a massive sweet spot. This one comes in a comfortable and arm-friendly 9.9 ounce package with great flexibility and stability. The 108 is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their oversize frame or make the switch to an oversize racquet.

Want to learn more or try them out for yourself to see which Clash v2 model feels best? Stop into any Game-Set-Match, Inc. store to demo any or all models for just $5 each! We’re also accepting pre-orders with racquets available for pickup on March 4.

Now get out there and kick some Clash!


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