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Yonex Expands the Ultra-Popular EZONE Line-up

Updated: May 29

Four Yonex racquets standing up

If you’re looking for a lighter version of today’s hottest tennis racket, look no further than your nearest Game-Set-Match, Inc. store! We’re pleased to announce the 7th generation Yonex EZONE is now available in two lightweight models (98L and 100L) and two oversize models (105 and 110).

Earlier this year, Yonex dropped the 7th generation series of its popular EZONE in standard 98 and 100 frames. These super playable, power-oriented rackets are receiving rave reviews from players throughout the world. Now, with the addition of light and oversize versions, there’s an EZONE racket for every player.

Lightweight Models

As the name implies, the 98L (Light) is simply a lighter version of the standard EZONE 98. Both rackets feature a 98 square inch head and spin-friendly 16x19 spin pattern amongst other similarities. At just 10.1 ounces, the 98L is just over half an ounce lighter than the standard 98. Similarly, the 100L (Light) is a lighter version of the standard EZONE 100. Like the EZONE 100, the 100L feature a 16x19 string pattern but weighs just 10.1 ounces.

Oversize Models

The new EZONE is also available in two oversize yet lightweight models. The EZONE 105 features a 105 square inch head size and 16x19 string pattern, while the 110 features an even bigger 110 square inch head and 16x18 string pattern (even more spin). Despite the larger head sizes, these rackets are still very lightweight. The 105 weighs just 9.7 ounces and the 110 weighs an even lighter 9.0 ounces.

Which Model Is Best for Me?

Every player is different, and with Yonex’s expanded EZONE lineup there’s an EZONE model for everyone. With its standard head size and light weight, players will find the 100L both nimble and maneuverable. This makes it a great choice for younger players or anyone struggling with a heavier frame. Players who are particularly adept at striking in the sweet spot might consider the 98L for increased accuracy.

The oversize models are well suited to senior players or anyone wanting an easier reach and a larger sweet spot. Overall, the 105 and 110 models are more forgiving than their smaller counterparts while still generating great power. We recommend trying a few different models so you can compare the differences and see what feels best.

Ready to try or buy a new Yonex EZONE? Stop into any of our four Game-Set-Match, Inc. locations: Denver, Centennial, Boulder and Las Vegas

Demos are just $5 and we’ll even apply the demo fees towards your purchase of a new, full price racket.


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