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Best Tennis Strings: Our Top String Picks for Your Racket

Updated: May 6

When it comes to tennis gear, it’s hard to pick favorites because different players have different goals and needs.

With that said, we know it can help to have a quick reference guide. That’s why we polled a few of our team members to learn their favorites in each category.

Here’s a quick list of some of their top picks...

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Best tennis string for spin

If you’re looking for a string that offers maximum spin, Solinco Tour Bite and Head Lynx Tour are both great options. Both of these strings are stiff, spin-friendly and offer great control.

  • Co-polyester string

  • Extreme power

  • Great spin and bite

  • Co-polyester string

  • Blend of control and spin.

  • Stiffer than Solinco Tour Bite

Pro tip: If you’re looking for more spin, go with a higher (thinner) gauge. Thinner strings bite into the ball better, giving you more spin.

Most eco-friendly tennis string

If you know how much tennis waste is building up in our landfills, then you know it’s time for tennis to start going green. Thankfully, companies like Velociti and Luxilon are stepping up to the challenge.

  • A completely biodegradable co-polyester string

  • Excellent pocket feel

  • Good tensile and knot strength

  • Made of 100% recycled materials

  • Oriented for power, spin and control

Both of these strings are great options for helping your game and the environment.

Best tennis string for control

If you’re looking for more control in your tennis game, we recommend trying Tecnifibre Razor Code or Babolat RPM Rough. Here are the top details on each:

  • Co-polyester string

  • Provides top resistance and good control

  • Designed for experienced players looking for resistance and versatility

  • Co-polyester string

  • Great spin and bite

  • Good choice for players who hit the ball hard

Stringing your racket at a higher string tension can also provide additional control.

Most durable tennis strings

If your swing packs a punch and you’re struggling to find a string that can handle it, we recommend Head Hawk or Luxilon 4G for added durability.

  • Round co-polyester string

  • Balances power and control

  • Highly durable with high spin potential

  • Co-polyester string

  • Maximum tension and a cushioned feel on impact

  • Excellent playability and adaptability

Best strings for tennis elbow

Natural gut tennis string is hands-down your best choice for tennis elbow. You can scroll down to see our favorite natural gut string. However, if you’re looking to save a few bucks while still protecting your arm, we recommend softer strings like Tecnifibre NRG2, Yonex Rexis Comfort and Babolot Xcel.

  • Co-polyester string

  • Tecnifibre’s most powerful string

  • Great comfort and dynamic performance

  • Multifilament string

  • Good combination of comfort, feel, and ball-pocketing

  • Easy on the arm with good control

  • Multifilament string

  • Provides good performance while being easy on your arm

  • Provides good comfort, feel and power

Pro tip: We recommend stringing your tennis string lower than you usually do for added softness and arm protection.

Best tennis strings for power

If power is the name of your tennis game, check out the Wilson NXT Power or Volkl Power Fiber.

  • Multifilament string

  • Soft and comfortable play

  • 80% less vibration than traditional synthetic gut string

  • Multifilament string

  • Exceptional shock and vibration reduction

  • Great combination of power, control and comfort

Best natural gut tennis strings

When it comes to natural gut strings, it’s hard to beat Bablot VS Touch. It’s been changing the game since 1925.

  • One of the most powerful strings on the market

  • Offers premium comfort, power, and feel

  • One of the top strings used by professional tennis players

Best synthetic gut tennis strings

Our top picks for synthetic gut tennis strings are Velociti NEH and Yonex Dynawire.

  • Solid core synthetic gut with extra wraps for softer feel

  • Combines the soft feel of a multifilament with the classic snapback of a synthetic gut

  • Good balance of performance and comfort

  • Nylon monofilament string with a metal film

  • Crisp feel with power and high durability

  • For players of all swing speeds

Most fun tennis strings

If you’re looking to add a little fun to your game, give Velociti rainbow swing a try. It’s the original rainbow string and continues to brighten up courts for players of all ages.

  • Synthetic gut string

  • Features an eye-catching array of colors

  • Provides great all-around playability

Best tension for tennis strings

Though the best tension varies by player and often is a matter of personal preference, here are a few of our go-to recommendations:

  • Most common string tension: 50

  • Best tension for power: 48

  • Best tension for control: 56

  • Best tension for comfort: 52

Best hybrid tennis strings

Want to get the best of both worlds from two different string types? Try a hybrid setup with one string type in the mains and another in the crosses.

One of our favorite hybrid setups is a stiff polyester in the mains and soft multifilament in the crosses. This hybrid blends spin and control while still softening up the string bed and giving good comfort and power.

Learn more about top tennis strings

Want to learn more about the best tennis strings? Call or stop by one of our stores in Denver, Centennial, Boulder and Las Vegas.

Also, check out our recommendations for the best tennis rackets, best tennis shoes and more on the Game-Set-Match, In. blog.

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Best Tennis Strings: Our Staff's Top Picks


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