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Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners, Advanced Players and More

Updated: Mar 14

Whether you’re looking for the best tennis rackets for beginners, advanced players, tennis elbow, or more, we’ve got you covered. 

tennis player hits ball with best tennis racket


When it comes to tennis rackets, it’s impossible to pick a racket that would be best for every player. The best racket varies based on a tennis player’s experience, preferences and so much more.  


However, we do have some go-to favorite tennis rackets that we often recommend based on a player’s specific needs. Below is a list of our favorite tennis rackets for every category from beginners and advanced players to spin and power, and much more.  


We love talking about tennis, so stop by one of our store locations to talk through these racket favorites and find your perfect racket. 


Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners 

Are you new to tennis? These rackets are great for new players hitting the courts. 



Why we love the Ezone 100L: The Ezone 100L tennis racket is a lighter racket that still commands the court with added power and comfort. 


2. Tecnifibre TFX 


Why we love the Tecnifibre TFX: The Tecnifibre TFX racket is versatile for the new player. It provides power, stability, tolerance, and comfort. 



Why we love the Volkl VCell 5: The V-Cell is a great starter racket for the new player because it’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy on the wallet. 


Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players 

If you’re an advanced tennis player looking to continue to improve your game, consider one of these tennis racket options. 



Why we love the Blade 98: The Blade 98 racket is a crowd favorite that gives players comfort and control while generating excellent spin. It’s no wonder it’s the #1 Wilson racket on the pro tour. 


2. Head Speed Pro 


Why we love the Head Speed Pro: Made for the advanced tournament player with a fast game, the Speed Pro racket is built for, well..., speed. 


3. Tecnifibre TFight 305 


Why we love the Tecnifibre TFight 305: This racket provides power and control for the serious competitor and is made with Isoflex technology, which evolves stiffness all around the frame. 


Best Tennis Rackets for Tennis Elbow or Arm Pain 

Don’t let tennis elbow or arm pain keep you off the courts; try out one of these rackets to keep playing. 



Why we love the Wilson Clash: The Clash is the most flexible racket on the market, which makes it an arm-friendly choice that’s well-suited for intermediate players. Its technology yields a balance of power and control to give players the best of both worlds. 


2. Volkl V1 Series (MP, OS, or Pro) 


Why we love the Volkl V1 Series: The Volkl V1 is known for being one of the most comfortable tennis rackets. It offers players a combination of arm protection and playability.  


Best Tennis Rackets for Spin 

Looking for the ultimate spin for your tennis game? Check out one of these rackets. 


1. Dunlop SX300 


Why we love the Dunlop SX300: The Dunlop SX300 doubles down on spin with wider string spacing and more stable beam construction. 



Why we love the Babolat Pure Aero: Between its 100b-inch head size and its thin beam, the Pure Aero is ideal for high-performance competitors who want extra spin and precision. 



Why we love the Wilson Burn 100S: This racket is a dream for spin shots, slices and whippy forehands with its ultra-open 16x18 string pattern and carbon fiber composition that increases frame stiffness. 


Best Tennis Rackets for Control 

If you’re looking to improve your control on the court, one of these rackets would be a great choice for you. 



Why we love the Head Prestige Pro: Made for advanced players seeking precision, this racket has a sensational feel and its new Auxetic construction provides control and precision. 



Why we love the Dunlop CX 200: Dominate the court with the Dunlop CX 200, which provides players with control and spin and allows for extra aggressive shots without the fear of overhitting. 



Why we love the Yonex Percept: The Yonex Percept is made for experienced players that are looking for a flexible racket with precision and feel. 


4. Babolat Pure Strike 97

Why we love the Babolat Pure Strike 97: With its compact head, Control Frame Technology, and extremely thin beam, the Babolat Pure Strike 97 gives players an edge while maintaining their control of the ball.

Best Tennis Rackets for Power 

Who wouldn’t love a little more power in their tennis game? These are our top three favorites for increasing power. 


1. Astrel 120 


Why we love the Astrel 120: The Astrel 120’s massive head size and beam gives players immense power and comfort. 


2. Volkl V-Feel 1 


Why we love the : The Volkl V-Feel 1 racket features a unique “power arm” that catapults the ball off your racket. It’s a user-friendly option that offers plenty of stability, spin, and controllable power. 



Why we love the Dunlop LX 1000: The Dunlop LX 1000 racket’s large sweet spot and oversized frame gives players the most power offered by any Dunlop racket. 


Best Tennis Rackets for Juniors 

These three rackets are a few of our favorites for younger tennis players. 


1. Dunlop FX500 Lite 


Why we love the Dunlop FX500 Lite: The Dunlop FX500 Lite racket’s lightweight frame and firm beam give players crisp, powerful shots and an easy swing. 



Why we love the Ezone Feel: The Ezone Feel gives its players power, comfort, and easy maneuverability in a lightweight frame. 



Why we love the Volkl V-Cell 5: The V-Cell is a lightweight, comfortable racket that will last your junior for years. 


Best Tennis Rackets for Seniors 

Looking to maintain your skills on the court during your golden tennis years? Check out one of these rackets. 



Why we love the Asics 125: With its oversized frame, the Asics 125 gives senior players extra length and power. 



Why we love the Dunlop LX1000: The LX1000 is Dunlop's largest racket, which makes it perfect for seniors because of its giant sweet spot. 



Why we love the Volkl VCell 1: Made with Volkl’s Vario Beam for great feel with less shock and less vibration, it’s ideal for those with arm pain and big swings. 


Let us Help You Choose the Best Tennis Racket 


Though we included a few of our favorite rackets for each category, we truly believe there are even more aspects to consider when choosing the best tennis racket for your game


Come stop by one of our store locations in Colorado or Nevada and let our team help you pick the best racket for your game.  


To ensure you select a racket you’ll love, try out our demo program to test any racket for just $5 (three days) or $10 (one week). Once you've made your selection, we’ll subtract your demo fees from the cost of a full-price racket purchase. 


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